Eco-Friendly Printing

We our minimizing our environmental impact with responsible, Eco-friendly printing practices.

Eco-Friendly Paper Options:

Bluegrass Print has “green” Eco-friendly paper options available for most of our printed products. Our green paper option is the same premium quality paper stock as our other paper and card stock choices.  This paper option is a combination of recycled paper and post consumer fibers.



We recycle all of our overages and paper waste. We also recycle used equipment, inks, solvents and plates.

Inks and Coating Options:

Our inks and solvents are environmentally friendly too. We use inks formulated with soy and other renewable agriculturally derived materials.

Choose our Eco-friendly paper option when placing your next order online. If you’re placing your next print order over the phone or email, please let us know that you prefer to use our “green” paper option. Find out more about our Eco-friendly printing.